Windshield Repair

Repair processAll reasons to repair:

  • Windshield repairing is much cheaper than windshield replacement
  • It prevents the windshield from further cracking
  • The original windshield is stronger than a replacement. It means no leaking and in the event of an accident it will keep the deployed airbags in the right place
  • The windshield repair can be done in around 20 minutes
  • You can save the environment
  • You will not lose your discount/no claims bonus with your insurance company because of a claim to replace the cracked windshield
  • If you rent a car you want to return it in the same condition as you hired it, so you do not lose your deposit

Windshield_stone_chips2Repair time:

  • A simple stone chip can be repaired in 20-30 minutes
  • Windshield cracks depending on their lenght may require a little more time

Windshield_stone_chip-repairThe windshield / windscreen repair process:

  • First the windshield must be cleaned and inspected
  • The next step is to remove all residual chippings from the stone chip or crack
  • Following that all the moisture and air bubbles will be removed from windshield crack or chip
  • Special resins are going to be injected into the damaged area
  • The curing process is the next one
  • After that the polishing is finalizing the process and as the result, there is an almost invisible repair on your windshield

Windshield_stone_chip-repair6What can you do when you get a stone chip or the stone chip starts to crack:

  • Place duck-tape over the affected area immediately after the injury happends. It doesn’t prevent cracking but prevents contamination of the crack or stone chip. It’s important, because it’s impossible to remove the dirt and it affects the visible result of the repair.
  • Call me as soon as possible for appointment
  • Don’t wash the area. The moisture in the windshield crack or stone chip will prolong the repair time

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