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Wndshield technician certificateI started to learn repair windshields in 2005. Following the course i was working in Europe and got a lot of experience. Since November 2010 I am repairing chipped or cracked windshields and windscreens in Pattaya. The number of satisfied customers is growing all the time.

Car rental companies and car repair service shops are asking for my services as well as daily customers.

If you have any questions please use this forum and feel free to ask them here and I will answer them so soon as possible.

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22 Responses to New Service

  1. Robert Camp says:

    Good to have finally such service in Pattaya. I used to repair back at home, but here had to change the windshield. Not anymore.

  2. Jan Bjerg says:

    Thank you Tomas for excellent service on Monday the 9 th of April.
    Wish we had guys like you in Bkk.


  3. charlie says:

    Hi Tomasz ,
    Thanks for your excellent and affordable service the windshield of my car was repaired twice excellently only pity for me im living 300 km away

    thx and all the best with your business


    • Tomasz says:

      Hi Charlie,

      I am always happy to have satisfied customers.
      Drive carefull and stone chip free 🙂
      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Ton Smits says:

    Hello there,

    Yesterday a small pebble made a small chip in the windscreen of my car. I would love to come to your shop but reside in Chiang Mai. Driving 2500 kms seems a bit excessive. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you, Ton Smits

  5. henk meyer says:

    ik heb een stertje in men raam waar en waneer kan ik het latten repareren ik woon in pattaya soi watbon .
    bvb dank ik wacht reactie af

  6. JP says:

    Hello Henk,
    I do not have a cracked windshield but the seal around the windscreen is loose in several places so I need it redone. I think a complete replacement or reseating of the seal is required. Can you do this? Or if not can you recommend a shop that can do it….


    • Tomasz says:

      Hi JP,

      I do not replace glass, only repair windshields. On Sukhumvit road near Bangkok Hospital on both sides you have multiple shops changing windscreens. I am sure they will be able to help you out.

      P.S. My name is Tomasz, not Hank 😉

  7. Fedi says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I have chipped on my windscreen on Saturday. On Sunday I tried to follow google map to your shop. It is close to Mike mexican restouran from the map you are provided. However my map guided me to scuba diving shop on the same road of your shop address. I live near Pattaya. Please advise where is your shop in Pattaya.

    • Tomasz says:

      Dear Fedi,

      You have been in the right spot. I am inside the scuba diving shop (Adventure Divers) you have seen. Please call me for appointment, I am mainly repairing in the afternoons, however tomorrow on Monday it could be done any time.

    • Kiana says:

      I found just what I was needed, and it was ennrateinitg!

    • Está en todas partes. Te ataca, te golpea, te sonríe, te abriga, te sacude, te hace sangrar, te congela el alma, te saluda, te corroe, te deslumbra, te ciega, luego te da otros ojos y ya nunca miras igual. La belleza es el principio y el fin de la vida.Gracias por traer miradas diferentes. O no tanto.

  8. Cam Campbell says:


    I will be in Pattaya near the end of the month. Can you come to my hotel and repair a crack ( approx 50 cm) at the hotel?

    Thanks so much

    Cam Campbell

  9. Neil Dowie says:


    Would it be possible to repair a cracked windscreen on a Ford Ranger tomorrow?

    Best regards


  10. Benoit Filée says:

    Hi Tomasz,

    Would it be possible to repair a cracked windscreen on a Nissan Almera in the next week?

    We are on vacation in Jomtien soi 7, non so far your place i think.

    Best regards


    Best regards

  11. John says:

    Hi Thomas, Success! The crack repair worked! The crack did not spread. Thank you.

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